Somebody’s Mix Someone’s Music – I Hold Your Hand in Mine

Chill autumn mix from Somebody n Someone!


Somebody n Someone

Somebody n Someone is a project you need to pay attention to!  We discovered their music last summer and we have been following their musical baby steps ever since.  We have yet to see what they look like or who they are!  According to their Soundcloud profile they are two individuals with diverse backgrounds, that’s about it.  Here is a spring mix released by the duo aptly titled Somebody’s Mix Someone’s Music – You and Me. In our opinion this a  smooth, chilled spring mix of new tracks and classic oldies.

Jonas Mantey and Sailor & I

Jonas Mantey is only 16 years old.  Watch out world.

Sailor & I: “Sailor & I appear to be tearing both the blogosphere and interweb a new A-hole by virtue of their orchestrally-epic track Tough Love, which in fact received a first play on BBC Radio 1 just the other day. So generally, these guys have got it going on. Further word on the street is that they’re in the process of recording a follow-up EP which should be surfacing rather soon.


Max Cooper – Meadows (Microtrauma remix)

We had the great opportunity of teaming up with Traum Schallplatten to create this video!  We shot it in San José de Galipán, Vargas, Venezuela

Max Cooper is now on his 12th release with Traum and if that wasn’t already a magic number, he has teamed up with Nicolas Bougaïeff, co-founder and Creative Director of Liine in Berlin. Bougaïeff, in collaboration with Richie Hawtin and other Liine partners, built the controllers for the Plastikman Live 2010 show. The company provides the Lemur App, Remiix Apps and Griid, amongst others. Nicolas Bougaïeff has recently completed his PhD on minimal techno.

“Meadows” is the most electronic-ambientish of all the tracks on the EP, somehow painted in golden colours with shades of Joy Division melancholy at the beginning, then diving into a much sweeter sea of sounds, bathing, relaxing, breathing, collecting energy… making use then of a repetition in sound that reminds us of Steve Reich’s methods.