Lights on, the city sleeps and complexities begin

Another selection of tracks released in 2011. Enjoy!

Track List:

Knight Moves – Gonzales (DJ Koze remix)
Nightime – Greg Paulus (Crazy P remix)
Third – Max Cooper ( Max Cooper remix)
It’s Lover Love – Aerea Negrot
Dreamer – Nicone, Sascha Braemmer
Soft – Pillowtalk (Life and Death remix)
Ein Tag Im Herbst feat. Charly – Marc De Vole, Patrick Muschiol (Rodriguez Jr. remix)
Pretend – Emika (Brandt Brauer Frick Rework)


Pendulum Sound Machine

Established in 2006, Kyouei Design is a Japanese lighting design and product manufacturing company.

Kouichi Okamoto, product designer / sound producer. Born in 1970 in Shizuoka City. Under the name “bekkou” Okamoto released the sound source work “hi light” from Dutch techno label X-trax in 1997 and has done music work for Dutch “re-run” and British labels since. He started product design work in 2004 and in 2006 began Kyouei Design. He has been introducing to the world new designs from Shizuoka. Kyouei Design also participates in exhibitions and interior product events around the world.

year : 2011
material : Brass . Iron (brass plating)
size : W500mm x D300mm x H400mm
weight : 1.7kg


Pendulum Sound Machine is a device that shakes the pendulum by the ruggedness put on by the record therefore making beats on the plate.

Degradations of sound, love and color

A sampler of some amazing tracks released in 2011.  Enjoy!

Track list:
Forever Dolphin Love – Connan Mockasin
Raw Umber/Twilight – Walls
Vamp – Adam Marshall
This Is Not The End – Gui Boratto featuring Luciana Villalobos
Ritual Union – Little Dragon ( Maya Jane Coles remix)
Thought We Were Alone – Lucky Paul ( Gadi Mizrahi – Eli Gold remix)
D.B. – Glory Hole

It is all about the soundtrack

So you are watching a film and all you think about is the soundtrack.  Has this ever happened to you?  Today seems to be a French inspired day and I remembered 2 French films whose soundtrack stayed with me more than the actual film.

I recently watched Carlos Le Film (2010) a six hour mini series directed by Oliver Assayas about Carlos the Jackal a Venezuelan terrorist whose claim to fame was the 1975 kidnapping of OPEC headquarters in Vienna.  The soundtrack to this film blew my mind.  As soon as I heard Loveless Love by The Feelies followed by Dreams Never End by New Order I knew my ears were in for a treat.  Remember this a six hour film and the music just kept getting better.  We all know how the bad guys end in the movies but there is a certain je ne sais quoi about watching a bad guy do bad things to an amazing soundtrack.  Below my favorite tracks from the film.

Riviera (2005) directed by Anne Villacèque.  This film explores a mother/daughter relationship and the power of sex among many other themes.  The main track of the film is what kept me watching.  I wish I was Boy by Dynamo (Muriel Moreno and Marc Collin) is probably one of the best electro tracks ever recorded.  Once you hear the lyrics you’ll get an idea of what the film is about.

Sur le Quai

Les Mains Ensocelées (The Bewitched Hands) – Sur le Quai
This is the best video I’ve seen this year!  Great track by Les Mains Ensocelées

Video Produced by: Machine Molle

Directed by: Sanghon Kim & Machine Molle

Et j’imagine
Tu t’imagines à peu près tout ce que tu veux
Et j’imagine
Tu t’imagines tellement mais est-ce que c’est mieux