Somebody’s Mix Someone’s Music – I Hold Your Hand in Mine

Chill autumn mix from Somebody n Someone!


DJ Koze featuring Appart – Nices Wölkchen

Slow moving scenes of inflated black plastic bag characters in the snow covered German forest as DJ Koze wears a baboon mask and strokes a cat!

Jonas Mantey and Sailor & I

Jonas Mantey is only 16 years old.  Watch out world.

Sailor & I: “Sailor & I appear to be tearing both the blogosphere and interweb a new A-hole by virtue of their orchestrally-epic track Tough Love, which in fact received a first play on BBC Radio 1 just the other day. So generally, these guys have got it going on. Further word on the street is that they’re in the process of recording a follow-up EP which should be surfacing rather soon.



Exitmusic are Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church. This New York City duo released their ‘From Silence’ EP on Secretly Canadian on October 2011. ‘From Silence’ is a sonic landscape of beautiful haunting melodies and lyrics. Each track is a perfect example of amplified sound waves traveling straight to your brain stem. What a beautiful way to exit 2011!

Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church

From Silence EP