Here is Why – Tonight

On repeat!

Lingering guitar, shimmering vocals and synth bass all in perfect harmony.

Here Is Why – Tonight (KM018) (by Adam Port)


Somebody n Someone

Somebody n Someone is a project you need to pay attention to!  We discovered their music last summer and we have been following their musical baby steps ever since.  We have yet to see what they look like or who they are!  According to their Soundcloud profile they are two individuals with diverse backgrounds, that’s about it.  Here is a spring mix released by the duo aptly titled Somebody’s Mix Someone’s Music – You and Me. In our opinion this a  smooth, chilled spring mix of new tracks and classic oldies.

Boiler Room

Remember the days of pirate radio, secret underground parties and DJing in your bedroom fantasizing about millions of people watching you? Well that’s what the Boiler Room is all about! The Boiler Room in our opinion is the leader in global underground electronic music broadcasting. In just over a year the Boiler Room has become the go to place to hear and see EDM heavyweights as well as newcomers. The Boiler began in London and today it offers live music broadcasts from Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.

What makes the Boiler Room unique is the no frills and thrills approach. The concept couldn’t be simpler; a dark, small and sweaty boiler room featuring the finest EDM artists. The Boiler Room is by invitation only, there are no lazer/light shows, no go-go dancers and you don’t get to choose your own camera angle. The Boiler Room is dance music at its purest form.

Crate2play attended Boiler Room Berlin 009 Cómeme vs Kompakt: Sascha Funke, Matias Aguayo, Michael Mayer and Rebolledo and Boiler Room Berlin 012 Âme, Joakim, Eli from Soul Clap, no regular play and DJ QU. Both sessions were incredible! Go check out now!