It is all about the soundtrack

So you are watching a film and all you think about is the soundtrack.  Has this ever happened to you?  Today seems to be a French inspired day and I remembered 2 French films whose soundtrack stayed with me more than the actual film.

I recently watched Carlos Le Film (2010) a six hour mini series directed by Oliver Assayas about Carlos the Jackal a Venezuelan terrorist whose claim to fame was the 1975 kidnapping of OPEC headquarters in Vienna.  The soundtrack to this film blew my mind.  As soon as I heard Loveless Love by The Feelies followed by Dreams Never End by New Order I knew my ears were in for a treat.  Remember this a six hour film and the music just kept getting better.  We all know how the bad guys end in the movies but there is a certain je ne sais quoi about watching a bad guy do bad things to an amazing soundtrack.  Below my favorite tracks from the film.

Riviera (2005) directed by Anne Villacèque.  This film explores a mother/daughter relationship and the power of sex among many other themes.  The main track of the film is what kept me watching.  I wish I was Boy by Dynamo (Muriel Moreno and Marc Collin) is probably one of the best electro tracks ever recorded.  Once you hear the lyrics you’ll get an idea of what the film is about.