DJ Koze featuring Appart – Nices Wölkchen

Slow moving scenes of inflated black plastic bag characters in the snow covered German forest as DJ Koze wears a baboon mask and strokes a cat!


Max Cooper – Meadows (Microtrauma remix)

We had the great opportunity of teaming up with Traum Schallplatten to create this video!  We shot it in San José de Galipán, Vargas, Venezuela

Max Cooper is now on his 12th release with Traum and if that wasn’t already a magic number, he has teamed up with Nicolas Bougaïeff, co-founder and Creative Director of Liine in Berlin. Bougaïeff, in collaboration with Richie Hawtin and other Liine partners, built the controllers for the Plastikman Live 2010 show. The company provides the Lemur App, Remiix Apps and Griid, amongst others. Nicolas Bougaïeff has recently completed his PhD on minimal techno.

“Meadows” is the most electronic-ambientish of all the tracks on the EP, somehow painted in golden colours with shades of Joy Division melancholy at the beginning, then diving into a much sweeter sea of sounds, bathing, relaxing, breathing, collecting energy… making use then of a repetition in sound that reminds us of Steve Reich’s methods.

New Jackson – The Night Mail

In the dark he lives. From a studio near the sea, New Jackson presents four nocturnal house jams with a ghostly disco tint. Made with care and respect for dancing and listening. Shoot out the lights. This is the 3rd release on Bodytonic Music label POGO Recordings, and is released on limited vinyl.


Exitmusic are Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church. This New York City duo released their ‘From Silence’ EP on Secretly Canadian on October 2011. ‘From Silence’ is a sonic landscape of beautiful haunting melodies and lyrics. Each track is a perfect example of amplified sound waves traveling straight to your brain stem. What a beautiful way to exit 2011!

Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church

From Silence EP

Sur le Quai

Les Mains Ensocelées (The Bewitched Hands) – Sur le Quai
This is the best video I’ve seen this year!  Great track by Les Mains Ensocelées

Video Produced by: Machine Molle

Directed by: Sanghon Kim & Machine Molle

Et j’imagine
Tu t’imagines à peu près tout ce que tu veux
Et j’imagine
Tu t’imagines tellement mais est-ce que c’est mieux

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Sheela Na Gig was the first track I ever heard from PJ Harvey back in the early 1990’s. After Uh Uh Her was released I sorta lost track of PJ and missed the release of White Chalk. This year she released Let England Shake and what a beautiful album this is! The album release brought us 12 short films from Seamus Murphy. Bitter Branches is my favorite track from the album. Enjoy!