What we saw and heard in 2011

As the year comes to an end here are some DJ’s we saw perform and street art we liked!

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Sheela Na Gig was the first track I ever heard from PJ Harvey back in the early 1990’s. After Uh Uh Her was released I sorta lost track of PJ and missed the release of White Chalk. This year she released Let England Shake and what a beautiful album this is! The album release brought us 12 short films from Seamus Murphy. Bitter Branches is my favorite track from the album. Enjoy!

Labor Day Weekend 2010

A lot has happened since August 2010! Yours truly has been everywhere and nowhere so let’s get this party started!

Crate2play ended the summer 2010 season by attending a Blkmarket Membership party. Our ears were treated to a Bpitch Control Showcase in Brooklyn somewhere between the Gowanus and the Home Depot!  Thanks to Casi Siempre/pizzaproblem for letting me use her camera mine ran out of batteries.  I got lucky and got this funny shot of Ellen!

Dance, dance, dance! Have a listen here:

Or a French Moustache